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Welcome to my own personal Nirvana. For those of you who think I'm talking about the grunge-era Seattle band of the freakin' 90's...no. This is my little piece of heaven, of serenity. My Utopia, if you will. Keep on the lookout--sometimes I'm interesting. Enjoy it, embrace it, learn to love it.

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Try to hide. 

Blues your heart, I don’t think you realize what you’re getting yourself into. Love is a complex thing, unalterable though distractible, and that’s exactly what you are. A distraction. Your role is the #2 woman and if you are okay with this, where the hell is your pride? For far too long women have been pulling this stunt that you’re pulling, playing the friendly girl who has your back about your man but then turning right around and nuking every basis of trust that they had maintained with the girlfriend. You must think I’m some kind of idiot. You had your chance and you didn’t take it. Jess moved on, I’m his girl, step the fuck off. The great thing about you, though, is that you’re so consistent with your pretender regime that was super transparent to me right from the very beginning. I challenge you to break free of those confinements that your promiscuity has got you under, and attempt to be a REAL woman. If you’re not woman enough to know the difference between available and in a relationship then you’re not woman enough to deserve a good man. Especially mine. You wanna start this fire though, go ahead and do it. Be prepared to get burned. I ain’t shy.


Awww Flea….I love this man…for many reasons but this is one of the most important.

My main man

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Abraham Lincoln. Franklin D Roosevelt. Ronald Reagan. Why can’t any of these just reincarnate into a superhuman president that can do anything and everything and is loved by all because honestly tonight I was scared of the outcome. Either way it may have turned out, I was honestly terrified and I still am. I just want everything to be all okay. And that isn’t going to happen, I don’t think.

“You haven’t seen Luna have you?I’m mad for her. I think it’s about time I told her, since we’ll probably both be dead by dawn!”

“You haven’t seen Luna have you?I’m mad for her. I think it’s about time I told her, since we’ll probably both be dead by dawn!”

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have you ever seen someone so attractive it made you mad


Haha xD

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